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August 31, 2018

Just two regular season games left. Here is who is in, who has a shot and who needs a miracle.


NOTE if three or more teams are tied in the standings head-to-head is thrown out and Runs Allowed becomes the tie-breaker.


GIANTS (15-5), (28) 

The Giants earned a first round bye with a win over the White Sox and a Dodgers loss to the White Sox. A WEEK ELEVEN win over the Padres and the Giants will win the Pennant.

Remaining schedule: Padres/Padres

H2H: D-Backs, White Sox, Brewers, Mariners







PADRES (14-6), (42) 

Clinched a playoff spot. If the Padres sweep the Giants WEEK ELEVEN they will win the Pennant. A split will get them a first round bye. If they get swept they would only fall as far as the #3

Remaining schedule: Giants/Giants

H2H: White Sox, Royals, Mariners, Cards, Pirates








DODGERS (12-8), (28)

Clinched a playoff spot. If the Dodgers sweep the Diamondbacks WEEK ELEVEN they can do no worse than the #3. If they sweep and the Padres get swept they will be the #2 with the first round bye. They can finish as low as the #6. 

Remaining schedule: Diamondbacks/Diamondbacks

H2H: Royals, Brewers, Pirates, Mariners








CARDINALS (12-8), (71)

Clinched a playoff spot. The Cardinals can finish no higher than the #3 and no lower than the #5. Without a head-to-head tie-breaker over any of the teams in front of them the Cardinals will be watching other games to see where they will end up in the seeding. 

Remaining schedule: Pirates/Mariners 

H2H: D-Backs, White Sox, Royals






EXPOS (11-9), (42)

The Expos need to win at least one game over the Brewers to get into the postseason. They could go as high as the #3 but would need the Dodgers and Cardinals to collapse. They can get in without a win as long as the Royals and Mariners don't sweep.

Remaining schedule: Brewers/Brewers

H2H: Dodgers







WHITE SOX (10-10), (75)

If the White Sox sweep the Royals WEEK ELEVEN they are in postseason. If they split they would get in with a Mariners and Brewers loss. 

Remaining schedule: Royals/Royals

H2H: Pirates, Brewers, Dodgers








ROYALS (9-11), (23)

Bumpy's impossible dream isn't over. If the Royals sweep the White Sox they are in. If they don't they are out.

Remaining schedule: White Sox/White Sox

H2H: D-Backs, Pirates, Mariners








MARINERS (9-11), (24)

The Mariners will need to win both games WEEK ELEVEN and have the White Sox and Royals split.

Remaining schedule: Pirates/Cards

H2H: D-Backs, Brewers, Pirates








BREWERS (9-11), (53)

The only way into the postseason for the Brewers is to sweep the Expos and a loss by the Mariners, White Sox and Royals. 

Remaining schedule: D-Backs/D-Backs, Expos/Expos

H2H: Padres, Cardinals







PIRATES (5-15) (72)

Out of playoff contention

Remaining schedule: Cards/ Mariners



DIAMONDBACKS (4-16), (80)

Out of playoff contention

Remaining schedule: Dodgers/Dodgers


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