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August 21, 2018

With just four games left (two each for the Cards/Expos) in the 2018 Palisades WBL season here is what the postseason picture looks like. 






GIANTS (14-4), (26) The Giants are the first team to clinch a playoff spot but their seeding will probably come down to their last three games. Any combination of two wins over their next four would give them the bye. A win over the Dodgers WEEK 10 and a split with the Padres WEEK 11 would give the Giants their second Pennant in franchise history. 

Remaining schedule: White Sox/Dodgers, Padres/Padres

H2H: D-Backs, White Sox, Brewers, Mariners








PADRES (12-6), (35) The Padres will win the Pennant if they run the table. If that doesn't pan out they really only need to worry about staying a game ahead of the Dodgers to earn the bye. A win or a loss by the White Sox or Mariners will get them in. 

Remaining schedule: Pirates/Pirates, Giants/Giants

H2H: White Sox, Royals, Mariners, Cards








DODGERS (11-7), (22)

A Dodgers win over the White Sox WEEK 10 will get them in the postseason. If they can pick off the White Sox and Giants their hopes for a first round bye are still alive.

Remaining schedule: White Sox/Giants, D-Backs/D-Backs

H2H: Royals, Brewers, Pirates, Mariners








CARDINALS (12-8), (71)

The Cardinals played their WEEK 10 doubleheader against the Expos on Sunday August 19th due to a schedule conflict on the 26th. They ended up splitting. The Cards have an outside shot at a first round bye but more than likely will end up as the #3 or #4 seed. 

Remaining schedule: Pirates/Mariners 

H2H: D-Backs, White Sox, Royals








EXPOS (11-9), (42)

After splitting with the Cardinals the Expos are probably just a win away from going to the postseason. If the Mariners and White Sox sweep WEEK 10 there would be a at least three teams and maybe as many as four tied for the last two seeds.

Remaining schedule: Brewers/Brewers

H2H: Dodgers







MARINERS (9-9), (20)

The Mariners hold their destiny in their hands. The Mariners are currently the #6 seed and either hold tie-breakers or have yet to play the teams chasing them. They are in the postseason if they sweep the Royals and the White Sox get swept WEEK 10.

Remaining schedule: Royals/Royals, Pirates/Cards

H2H: D-Backs, Brewers, Pirates






WHITE SOX (9-9), (62)

Of all the teams currently in contention the White Sox have given up the most runs (62). After head-to-head runs allowed is the next tie-breaker. The White Sox are going to have a tough time finding a way in if they don't win the next three or four games. 

Remaining schedule: Dodgers/Giants, Royals/Royals

H2H: Pirates, Brewers






ROYALS (7-11), (21)

If the Royals run the table they are in. They could get in with a sweep of the Mariners and a split with the White Sox provided the White Sox get swept WEEK 10.

Remaining schedule: Mariners/Mariners, White Sox/White Sox

H2H: D-Backs, Pirates








BREWERS (7-11), (39)

The Brewers can get in if they run the table and the White Sox lose at least three of their last four games. 

Remaining schedule: D-Backs/D-Backs, Expos/Expos

H2H: Padres, Cardinals







PIRATES (5-13) (59)

Out of playoff contention

Remaining schedule: Padres/Padres, Cards/ Mariners

H2H: D-Backs


DIAMONDBACKS (4-14), (65)

Out of playoff contention

Remaining schedule: Brewers/Brewers, Dodgers/Dodgers

H2H Expos



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