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Minors Playoff Possibilities

July 28, 2018

Palisades Minor League Wiffle will wrap up the regular season on August 5th. Even though three of the 10 teams are mathematically eliminated (Sofa King, Bombers, Magic Lamp) the Risers will end up being 

eliminated from playoff contention due to their inability to field a team on the 5th. 


In the grand scheme of things seeding in the Minors' playoffs doesn't mean much. As in years past the Minors Playoffs take place the Sunday following the the last day of the season. The top four teams will advance and the #1 plays the #4 and the #2 plays the #3 seed. Unlike our big league the minors playoffs are a one game to advance tournament with the winners playing a game right after for the 2018 Palisades Minor League Wiffle Championship Game. The difference between the regular season and the playoffs, games will be five innings instead of four. There will also be a limit on innings pitched in the Palisades Minor League Wiffle Playoffs. The rule is as follows. A team may not use the same pitcher to pitch in the first and second innings of both games of the minor league playoffs. Simply put if your ace throws a complete game in round one your ace cannot pitch until the third inning of the Championship Game should your team advance. Conversely, you can try a different approach and start someone besides your ace in round one and then in the third inning bring in the ace to finish off the playoffs. 


That leaves the contenders.


With a win the Dragons (10-2) will essentially lock up the #1 seed. The Dragons split with both Stugotz and Balls Deep so in the event of a tie it will come down to runs allowed. The Dragons have a 9 run lead over Stugotz and have only allowed 16 runs this season. 


Last year's champs Stugotz (9-3) has a series against Ball Deep (9-3) on the last day of the season. If either sweep they will lock up the two seed with an outside shot at the one seed. In the event of a split Stugotz will be the #2 seed and Balls Deep will be the #3 seed as Stugotz has a 39 run lead in runs allowed.


Currently in 7th place if Thunder (6-6) sweeps Storm on the final day of the regular season they will be the #4 seed. If they split the only way in would be if Boyz With Feelings got swept by the Bombers. 


Boyz With Feelings (6-6) will know before they start their doubleheader with the Bombers if they have a shot at the playoffs. Due to getting swept by the Thunder earlier in the season they are out, well maybe. I will get to it. 


Storm (6-6) will be in the playoffs if they sweep Thunder and the Boyz split with the Bombers other than that they will need a miracle and sometime miracles do happen...


Balls Deep may be unable to field a team for the playoffs and if they are unable that will open the door to whichever teams finished fifth to get in to the playoffs. In that case if Thunder, Storm and the Boyz all finish (7-7), the Boyz will be the #3 and Storm will Boyz will be the #4. If the Boyz sweep Bombers and Thunder/Storm splits the Boyz will be the #3 and Storm will be the #4.



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