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June 27, 2018



I wrote the power rankings last week and I’ve been hitting pretty well since, so I can’t disrupt the synergy. It was also an interesting week, as only 2 teams swept/ got swept and the rest split. Here we go...


11- Diamondbacks (4-8)

The Dbacks put themselves in a hole week 5 after getting swept by the Mariners. Week 6 they just kept on digging, as they got swept again by the Royals. This is now their 6th straight loss. I mean, they’re staying in games, but the chemistry just isn’t there. Butting heads with your teammates only hurts when you’re in a skid. Where are the Diamondbacks we know and love?  


10- Mariners (6-6)

The Mariners actually played good wiffleball on Sunday. Unfortunately, they were the only other team to get swept. Matt Fliesser, Brian Dinapoli, and John Istorico all pitched well, but other than a Dinap solo shot, they couldn’t produce against the 1-2 of McElrath and Bush. This a bit concerning because you’re going to have to beat those teams down the stretch, and also, Dinap was pulled after 3 innings on the carpet in game 2. I’m sure nothing is wrong, but you never know.


9- Padres (7-5)

The Padres we’re able to split with the Dodgers Week 6, but it wasn’t easy. They were able to squeak out a win in Game 1 after Trenary walked in a run, and Kvon hit a late solo shot in game 2, but those are the only runs they were able to score. Solo shots are big, but not when you give up 4 of your own. Just like the Mariners, the Padres have to perform against the better teams if they want to make a run at a championship.


8- Brewers (6-6)

This is where it gets interesting because all of these teams split, but some were able to produce just a bit more. The Brewers earned a split in their split series with the Cardinals and Pirates, but they didn’t score a run all day. Fortunately, Connor Young was able to no-hit the Cards and pick up a total bases win, or else it would have been consecutive sweeps for the Brew Crew. You can’t count these guys out though, they have a swagger very similar to the 2014 Brewers...


7- Cardinals (7-5)

Cardinals are in the same boat as the Brewers. They too were able to split in their split series, but they only scored 1 run on the day. I’m sure this was just a quiet day for them, as they have arguably the scariest lineup in the league, but without that Dweg solo shot, they would have lost 3 games in a row.


6-Pirates (3-9)

The Pirates are in last place, but they played real well week 6. A Dirty Weiner showed up to field and was able to put the team on his back, driving in 2 while tossing a 1-hitter. In game 2 Tom Gannon was able to hold the dangerous Cardinals lineup to 1 run, but they couldn’t score a run for him. The Pirates still have some work to do, but Weiner heating up is a step in the right direction.


5 & 4- Expos, White Sox (Both 5-7)

The Expos and White Sox had an incredible series of wiffleball on Sunday. They split the series between each other; Both teams won a game 2-0, both teams threw the same pitcher each game, both pitchers threw a no-hitter, and both teams are now 5-7. Now you can see why either one of these guys can go in the 4 or 5 spot. In game 1, which was our Game of the Week, the White Sox jumped on the Expos early courtesy of an rbi double by Mike Quezada and an rbi triple by Greg Tyler. Their Virginia ace, Dan Whitener, was able to close the door, as he no hit the scary Expos lineup. In game 2, the Expos responded as Tweg once again put the team on his back, throwing a no hitter of his own and helping his cause with a 2-run HR. It really was a series for the ages. Go check out the Game of the week if you haven’t, it’s almost up to 20k live viewers.


3- Dodgers (9-3)

At 9-3, the Dodgers are in 1st place. Only reason they took the 3 spot is because they split in their series with the Padres. In game 1, Trenary walked in a run and they were unable to score. The newly wed Wiffman was absent week 6, so one must wonder if the game could have went in a different direction if he was there. In game 2 the Wiffman-less offense woke up, as Trenary and Jonny Wiffs each hit a pair of solo shots. Jonny Wiffs only allowed 1 run as they went on to win 4-1.


2- Royals (6-6)

This next quote is taken directly from the Power Rankings that I wrote last week. “ Nick Martinez is a consistent hitter... When Freddy Gonzalez shows up this team hits. And when this team hits, they win. Oliver Avallone has continued to be strong on the carpet, but rookie call up Vin Lea has really turned some heads... They need to start having Lea and Gonzalez play ever week if they want to make a run at the playoffs.” I could end the Royals segment right there if I wanted to, because they did just that week 6. In game 1, Oliver no-hit the Dbacks, and Nick Martinez hit a 2-run shot to secure the win. In game 2, Vin Lea threw a 1-hitter, and Freddy Gonzales hit a game winning solo shot to claim the sweep. Trust me, by now I know the game of wiffleball. Freddy and Vin Lea have to play for this team every week.


1- Giants (8-4) 

This gives me a weird feeling. I didn’t want to put my own team in the 1 spot because I’ll put all the blame on this if we start underperforming, but the Giants played tremendous wiffleball in their sweep against the Mariners week 6. In game 1, Ryan McElrath took the carpet and truly pitched an incredible game, allowing 1 run through 5 innings while only striking out 3 batters. He helped his cause with a solo shot in the 3rd, and was aided by his teammates with some spectacular fielding. Tim McElrath was able to draw a bases loaded walk in the 5th, as they went on to win by a score of 2-1. In game 2, Fireballer Ryan Bush took the carpet and was lights out, as he no-hit the Mariners lineup, and only allowed 1 walk to Matt Fliesser. In the Bottom of the 5th, Bush was able to work a walk, then with 2 outs, Tim McElrath hit a walk-off double to secure the sweep. T. McElrath is hitting .347 in his last 3 games, if he figured it out at the plate again expect the Giants to keep rolling.

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