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June 13, 2018


I’ve been playing in the Palisades WBL for six years now and this is the most competitive and talent laden the league has ever been. This makes the Power Rankings somewhat fun to write, but I understand why no-one wants to, it’s still a pain in the ass. Anyway, here we go...


11-Pirates (2-8)

After starting the season with a victory against the defending champion Giants, wins have been hard to come by for the struggling Pirates. Their pitching has kept them in games, but it has not been enough to get the job done, and their bats have been silent as they only scored 2 runs in their last 4 games. The trade with the Brewers for Tom Gannon has added some depth to their starting rotation, but they really need to get the bats going. I think this team just need one big hit from Mr Excitement.


10-Diamondbacks (4-6)

This is my most controversial spot, and it kills me to put these guys at #10 because we all know they are better than that, but the D-Backs have been struggling. After getting swept by the Dodgers and Giants in a split series week 4, they were swept yet again, this week by the Mariners. They have been getting hurt by the long ball but their pitching is still top notch...the quiet bats are what have really been slowing this team down. Garret Torres, Kenny Stengel, and rich Guillod need to wake the bats up, they can’t rely on Devin Torres for every big hit. Once that happens the Diamondbacks will be a force to be reckoned with.


9-White Sox (4-6)

The White Sox swept the Pirates Week 5, and the only reason I have them at 9 and not 10 is because they proved to us how they can play as a full team... but that’s the problem. When Whitener shows up to pitch this team is dangerous, especially since Luke Coffee has started to heat up at the plate. But rumor has it that the Virginia ace will only make a couple more week as well as miss the playoffs. Someone else is really going to have to step up on the carpet if this team wants to go anywhere.


8-Expos (4-6)

Most pitchers will agree that with a full team the Expos have the scariest line up in the league, but so far they have been somewhat quiet. Tyler Wegerzn continues to pitch and hit at high levels, but the bats of Phil Fresiello and Peter Slater have not gotten hot yet. Plus, Kenny Rodger Jr. has missed the last 2 weeks. Rumor has it that Slater is just getting warmed up on the carpet, but if this team wants to turn things around they need their full line up to come through.


7-Royals (4-6)

Nick Martinez is a consistent hitter, but when Freddy Gonzalez shows up this team hits. And when this team hits, they win. Oliver Avallone has continued to be strong on the carpet, but rookie call up Vin Lea has really turned some heads, especially after securing a huge 5-1 win over the Expos (Gonzalezy had 4 of their 5 rbis). They need to start having Lea and Gonzalez play ever week if they want to make a run at the playoffs. 


6-Brewers (5-5)

After starting the season 0-2, the Brewers signed Connor Young off waivers and caught fire, winning 4 of their 5 next games. Gerard Fitzgerald has discovered himself once again at the plate, and Young has been lights out on the carpet, but they ran into a brick walled named the Dodgers week 5. After getting swept, they’re back to being a .500 ball club. The Brewers are still in good shape, but if they want to make the playoffs they’re going to continue to beat some of the better teams.


5-Padres (6-4)

It’s obvious that the Padres have arguably the best rotation in the league, but they have to start hitting the ball. Luckily they stole a total bases win against the Expos because they failed to score a run week 5. The pitching will no doubt get this team some wins, but someone has to step up at the plate if they want to start winning these close games.


4-Cardinals (6-4)

The Cardinals 1-2 of Dave Wegerzn and Rob Longiaru is a forced to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, D-Weg was unavailable week 5, but they were still able to claim a win against the Giants behind a tough outing by Longiaru and timely hitting by Nate Cruz and Kevin Norris. The only thing hurting this team right now is consistency with guys showing up to the field. Kris Morse can keep his team in games, but Longiaru, Norris and D-Weg are going to have to keep showing up if they want to continue with their success.


3- Giants (6-4)

The Giants suffered a tough 2-1 loss to the Cards during the Game of the Week on Sunday, but they bounced right back in game 2, claiming a 8-4 win. Tim McElrath’s bat seems like it’s finally starting to wake up, and Ryan Bush is rumored to make at least three more weeks, giving the Giants a huge advantage with him as their #2 on the carpet. A challenge awaits them Week 6 as they face off against the red hot Mariners.


2- Mariners (6-4)

The Mariners seem to be playing like the team who made the championship 4 years in a row. Without Brian DiNapoli they were still able to get a sweep over the the D-Backs thanks to magnificent pitching from Matt Fliesser and John Istorico. Both pitchers have had bounce back years so far on the carpet, and their whole team is hitting right now too. Last year was a fluke. Expect to see the Mariners make a post season run this year.


1- Dodgers (8-2)

The Dodgers have by far been playing the best team wiffleball since the season started. Tim Trenary is off to a tremendous 5-0 start, Johnny Wiffs continues to be a superstar at the plate and on the carpet, and Wiffman is still Wiffman. Bo Muschinsky got off to a slow start at the plate, but came through with a huge HR on Sunday to spark the Dodgers to their game 2 victory. If the Dodgers continue to play like they have been you can expect to see them stay at the top of the power rankings.

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