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May 30, 2018

Anyone can look at the standings and rank the teams, that doesn't interest me. I break down what happened WEEK THREE in the Palisades WBL and break it down in a way where if we extrapolated the rest of the season based on last Sunday's performance here is where I think the teams would end up at the close of the season. 

11. WHITE SOX (2-4) - To say that the White Sox were bad WEEK THREE would be an understatement. There was a glimmer of hope when they held the Cards scoreless through two innings but a 9-2 loss that followed an 11-1 loss wasn't pretty. On the bright side the White Sox would probably mash any team in any other Wiffle league, sadly there aren't teams from other Wiffle leagues on the White Sox schedule this year.

10. PIRATES (1-5) - Come on guys you are better than this. I get it, no one wants to play the Dodgers and though Weiner did pitch well he had to go against Trenary who so far this season has been spectacular. Getting shutout in both games is not a good sign and considering that Johnny Wiffs nearly died on Thursday the Pirates performance was all together forgettable. As with the White Sox the season is not lost and you do have the talent to turn things around, so put April and May behind you and get rolling in June. 

9. PADRES (3-3) - Once touted as the class of the League and the team to beat the Padres didn't come to play on Sunday. VonSchleusingen's absence on Sunday was a killer and the disadvantage of only rostering three full-time players reared it's ugly head. Surprisingly the sparsely used Anezoulakis was not the weak link, he provided some offense and only made one glaring fielding error. In retrospect K-Von's absence 

was something this team of grizzled, tournament tested vets should have been able to overcome. 

8. GIANTS (3-3) - If not for the grace of a bottom of the fourth Dave Fisher grand slam the Giants would be in a world of hurt right now. WEEK THREE was just another week where I felt the Giants underperformed. As with the Padres ranking the Giants this low in the rankings is a bit harsh but they are defending champs, and with that title there are certain expectations they have to live up to. 

7. ROYALS (2-4) - The Royals finally started scoring some runs and came oh so close to pulling off one of the biggest sweeps of the season but in what is becoming typical Royals fashion they just fell a little short. Avallone pitched nine scoreless innings and Gonzalez and N. Martinez went deep. Had the Giants been at full strength in this series I would have gladly ranked the Royals ahead of the Mariners and Expos but they weren't so I didn't.

6. MARINERS (3-3) - Of all the rankings this is probably the most unfair. I like the Mariners, picked them to win it all before the Cards, Expos and Brewers sandbagged the shit out of the Waiver Wire but that was then and this is now. With a convincing hammering of a short-staffed White Sox team they should be ranked higher but the no-no at the hands of Dave Wegerzn really hurt their placement this week. Sadly a really nice pitching performance where Matt Fliesser only allowed one hit, a Dave Wegerzn HR was wasted WEEK THREE.

5. EXPOS (2-4) - How is a team with this much talent only 2-4? Easy answer, there are no easy games in the Palisades but I think we have to go a little deeper than that. So far the Expos are only averaging two runs a game and WEEK THREE they were only good for three runs in two games. If not for clutch doubles from T-Weg and Rodgers as well as a game saving play from Rodgers your ranking would not have been as generous. Can they improve on those numbers? I don't think I am the only one who feels they can.

4. DIAMONDBACKS (4-2) - The Diamondbacks have always had an uncanny ability to come back late and steal games, aside from opening day that hasn't been the case in 2018. The bright side and the reason they got the four spot this week was some damn good pitching from Garret Torres. The dark side was that the D-Backs don't really seem to be hitting like they had in the past. While seven hits in a series vs. some pretty good Expos pitching is nothing to apologize for it is just not vintage D-Backs or better than the three teams who swept their opponents. 

3. DODGERS (5-1) - How does a team who swept their competition and a team with the League's best record get the three spot? They played a discombobulated Pirates team who foolishly put Bobby Daly directly into a line up late in a 1-0 game. Taking nothing away from the League's all-time hit leader but most guys haven't hit Trenary this year with BP and a half a dozen ABs, putting Daly in that position probably didn't improve the Pirates chances for a rally. More specifically for the Dodgers Johnny Costa on the mend from a hospital stay was a mere shell of himself and Bo Muschinsky isn't yet living up to expectations but at 5-1 who cares?

2. CARDINALS (4-2) - The big bats came through with a pair of Dave Wegerzn HRs and a pair of Kevin Norris HRs. Rob Longiaru pitched fantastically against everyone on the White Sox not named Luke Coffey and D-Weg tossed a no-no against a Mariners team that has been really finding their stride at the plate. If someone else wrote this article they'd probably have given the Cards the #1 spot as they seem to be firing on all cylinders and may really be the team to beat but the #1 honor has to go to another team.

1. BREWERS (4-2) - I have been around this game since 2007. I have been to a dozen Fast Plastic events two GSWL championships, the Summer Showdown, Lil' Fenway, Lil' Ebbet's and have been in attendance at over a 1000 Palisades WBL games. I have seen the greats, witnessed history but I have never seen a display of excellence such as the 2018 Brewers. Are they the best team ever? Yes! Better than the MAW team that recently wrote an article about how they are the best team in Fast Pitch? Twice as good as them! Even better than the team I saw successfully work 18 consecutive walks without a strike at the NWLA Regional Tournament in the Bronx? Indubitably! 


I have stayed up late at night thinking of just one good reason to finish the 2018 season and I simply can't. The Brewers are that good. I had never thought of making a bronze statue of anyone other than myself until I watched the Brewers play. Right now there are three 17 foot statues in my backyard that my neighbors from Bahrain are praying to even though they have no idea what Wiffleball is. 


Could we fill out the rest of the season with unreleased episodes of Paraskevas Time with Joe Gallo, the only guest Jay has ever had? I think so. Would people be disappointed? Trust me, it would be worth it. I don't know what else to say other than Connor Young, Cy Young. Gerard Fitzgerald, MVP. Jason Paraskevas, Owner of the Year. Tom Gannon, Rookie of the Year. Joe Gallo, Ryan Petrone and Frank Kollias, Fielders of the Year. 


I canceled this years All Star game because I couldn't think of anyone not on the Brewers I would call All Stars and essentially the Brewers would have to play with themselves. That's just not something I am willing to promote on a field 300 feet from an elementary school. Just to wrap it up, if I didn't believe in God I would pray to the Brewers. If I was stranded with them on a desert island with no food I would want to eat them because I am sure they would be nothing short of delicious. 


All I am really trying to say is when the Brewers are the Brewers they are pre-Korean war General MacArthur, ready for battle and not interested in anything other than complete and total victory. 


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