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May 2, 2018


Sure, spring training in 2018 was nearly impossible due to the extended winter and the gale force winds on Opening Day didn't help but it would be fair to say that we didn't see the crispest Wiffle on Sunday. Bumpy couldn't make the games so I got selected to put out what may be the briefest of Power Rankings 


Here we go. WEEK ONE Box Score


11- WHITE SOX (1-1) Anyway you slice it giving up 23 runs in two innings makes you a prime candidate for the Power Ranking's cellar. The White Sox looked for real after Greg Tyler held the Cards hitless in game one of the doubleheader on way to a 6-1 win but all that went out the window in game two. 


UP NEXT: White Sox face the D-Backs. If Whitener is in attendance they have a shot if not, it won't be pretty.



10- BREWERS (0-2) Many pitchers have struggled in their Palisades WBL debut and Tom Gannon was no different. That being said his defense did him no favors. The Brewers had every opportunity to win their first of two against the Mariners. The reason they are ranked 10th this week, a three inning 10-0 loss in game two.


UP NEXT: Royals/Pirates. Split series with the layover is never easy. If they play like they did on Sunday they will be 0-4



09- CARDINALS (1-1) Kris Morse shattered the single game RBI record with 16. Other than that their wasn't much to write about. The team should be at full strength WEEK TWO. 


UP NEXT: Dodgers. The Dodgers went 3-0 against the Cards last year but this is a very different team, that is if they show up. 



08- EXPOS (0-2) You would have thought that the return of Kenny Rodgers would have been triumphant. Everyone was happy to see him, especially the pitcher's that went against him on Sunday. Like the Cards the Expos were shorthanded and no one expects Rodgers to bat .200 but right now 8th place in the rankings feels generous.


UP NEXT: Giants. This still has the potential to be a great series and should be Game of the Week. Anyone up to broadcast the game at 12:20PM?



07- ROYALS (0-2) If not for the wind the Dodgers may have put the Royals away a little earlier in game one. Wiffman hit two balls with authority early in the game that harmlessly resulted in a pop out and single but didn't get all of the eventual fourth inning game winning 2 run HR. Aside from that Vin Lea pitched well picking up 8Ks and allowing just three hits. In the second game Oliver Avallone was perfect into the fourth but ended up losing in six innings after the Dodgers bats came alive.


UP NEXT: Brewers/Pirates. A do or die double dip in WEEK TWO.



06 PIRATES (1-1) Splitting on Opening Day against the defending World Champs when you came in dead last in 2017 is reason to take notice. Allowing only one run from the combo of pitchers put out to pasture is making a statement. Not scoring a run is the only reason they are at #6


UP NEXT: Brewers/Royals. Let's see what the Pirates have.



05 PADRES (1-1) It wasn't the loss against the D-Backs that put the PADRES at #5 it was the way they lost. A bunch of walks and then Kyle Vonschleusingen relinquished a grand slam to put the game out of reach. In game two Jordan Robles held the Expos scoreless and K-Von came through with a solo blast. 


UP NEXT: Mariners. All the makings of an epic series. 



04 MARINERS (2-0) My pick to go all the way wasn't quite the lock I thought it was. The MARINERS came dangerously close to losing to the Brewers while at full strength against a rookie pitcher. I think the MARINERS will right the ship but Sunday's performance had shades of 2017.


UP NEXT: Padres. All the makings of an epic series. 



03 GIANTS (1-1) The name of the game was, is and will always be pitching and after not allowing a run the Giants are sitting at #3. Aside from a Dave Fisher run scoring double the Giants didn't do much at the plate. Should we be concerned?


UP NEXT: Expos. This still has the potential to be a great series and should be Game of the Week. Anyone up to broadcast the game at 12:20PM?



02 DIAMONDBACKS (2-0) Always the bridesmaid never the bride. We all knew I wouldn't put the D-Backs #1 if they had won both games 100-0. Individually I love each of the DIAMONDBACKS but collectively I want them to die in a vat of urine. Nice Grand Salami Devin Torres, D-Backs suck.


UP NEXT: White Sox. I just Expedia'd Dan Whitener a plane ticket. 



01 DODGERS (2-0) We've heard it all before, a storied and celebrated franchise, two guys with Wiff nicknames, the all-time strike out leader Tim Trenary and the most cerebral in Bo Muschinsky. A pair of shut outs from the two horses, a game winning HR by the guy who hits game winning HRs, a late inning rally aided by a little bit of luck to pick up the win. If that isn't a tasty recipe for Opening Day I don't know what is. 


UP NEXT: Cardinals. Last season the Dodgers blew up the Cards in their first meeting but won the next two by the slimmest of margins. This year the Cards are better let's see if we can say the same about the Dodgers after Sunday. 

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