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Maniscalco's Extra Bold Predictions

April 12, 2018

11th Brewers- Paraskevas, Gallo J., Petrone, Fitzgerald, Gannon, Kollias. 
#1-Petrone- 2-3 with a 1.00 ERA. He's a hard thrower with not much movement but a gamer. In my opinion solid #2 stuff but as an Ace needs that next level pitch.
#2- ?- Fitzgerald 1-5 with a 7.86 ERA…………….
Overall I see this team with line up issues batting 4-5 and taking away at bats from their MVP type caliber hitter in Fitzgerald and making him try to do too much. Let the man hit and only hit. Great guys but I just don’t see the arms to make it.

BOLD Prediction: Fittzy hits 10 HRS
Expectation: Jay gets a homer. Petrone has a better average than last year. Gallo wakes up in several sorority’s this year


10th White Sox- Tyler, Lanks, Whitener, Coffey, Quezada
#1- Whitener (when he shows) 3-2 with a 0.65 ERA. With a 0.65 ERA he shouldn’t have 2 L’s. Kids got an arm and has a pitcher’s mind. Loved playing with this guy and hope for a good year for him.
#2- Tyler- 3-4 with a 2.08 ERA. Played with Tyler for a number of years and he will leave his arm on the field. I like him a lot as a #2, however he will have to take the #1 role at times. It’s tough to play that match up week in and week out.
Overall one of my favorite teams of guys I’ve personally played with. I Just don’t see the power level on this team to keep up. 

Bold predictions: Whitener wins rookie of the year (idk if he had enough last year) 
Expectations: Lanks owns OBP this year, Coffee hits for power.


9th Cardinals- Morse, Longiaru, Cole, Meador, Norris, (Polly 7th)
#1- Jimmy Cole- 0-2 with a 2.76 ERA. I’ve heard great things but haven’t seen much due to injury and hope he comes back full strength
#2- Longiaru- 2-6 3.39 ERA. I've seen him pitch and he has sick stuff but at times predictable. Solid number 2 but needs advice from experienced pitchers to mold his mind with his live arm. Record does not equal talent. 
Overall I know Morse can manage a team but it will come down to this team showing up and firing on all cylinders. I hope this is the year they all show and make a bigger name for themselves. 

Bold predictions: Cards all show up
Expectations: Longiaru passes last year’s home runs, Jimmy Cole gets a win on the mound.

8th Royals- Martinez, Martinez, Avallone, Gonzalez, A-Bev, Lea, V., (Pace 7th)
#1- Olly- 10-4 with a 0.60 ERA. Cy Young numbers, right? The kid continues to amaze me. I hope his arm holds with the Playdough he got from class. 
#2 A Bev- 3-6 with a 3.15 ERA was a year off an injury so I'll give him that. I used to hate playing this lanky gazelle. Weird wind up and throws makes for an effective pitcher. 
Overall team has the most power of the bottom tier teams but again the kryptonite is the 5 man line up and until the league changes to a mandated 4-5 line up its tough to keep up. Unfortunately you need to bat your pitcher which means Olly's .127 BA has to be in play.

Bold predictions: Royals make play offs in final week with Bumpy walk off.
Expectations: A-Bev to hit over 3 HRS, Olly to get 8 wins


7th Expos- Wegerzn, Fresiello, Stant, Didio, Rodgers, Lea, N.
#1 TY- 7-5 with a 2.20 ERA- mediocre stuff. Ok #2 
If it wasn’t for Didio and Fresiello I'd put this team at 11. This team would be really good….. In colorodo. Half the team in states away I can't see them doing much work this year. I love the addition of clutch bat of Fresiello. Someone needs to step up as a #2 pitcher. 

Bold Prediction: Ty Wins MVP
Expectations: Didio comes back for one game and has monster day. Phil continues to be clutch

6th D-Backs- Stengel, Guillod, Torres, Torres
#1. Devin? 4-5 1.07 ERA will he be shut down or another year of let down.
#1/2. Garret that slider though!!!! 5-3 with a 1.22 ERA
2/3. Kenny/Goo? Kenny 0-1 1.67 ERA(aww honey) Goo 4-0 with a 1.32 ERA No arm but gets the win
Had to do it boys!! You started a rivalry with my boy Dakota so this is my middle finger up your tight assholes (hey can we have a beer after opening day?) Should you be higher maybe butttttt is devin being shut down can Garret be your number 1? Can Kenny be a #2? Will Goos new wife let him even play any more? I think there are to many question marks. And if you do make the playoffs bring the whole team this time. MUWHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Bold Predictions: Kenny to propose. 
Expectations: Kenny to strike out against Dakota several times. 

5th Mariners- Fliesser, Fliesser, Istorico, Gitlitz DiNapoli
#1- Istorico 6-3 with a 1.97 ERA. They may not say he is the 1 but I say he is. Kid throws gas and inconsistently consistent makes him deadly.
#2 M. Fliesser- use to be good but ehhh. 5-6 1.24 ERA
Im not gana lie I’ve always wanted to be on this team. Being a number 4 guy on a team like this can really make you shine instead they always settle for 2nd best and ironically is where they always end up. I think this line up is scary on paper but inside sources say torn vaginas has taken this team out of contention. I hope the late addition of DiNap can show these pussy's back up and finally take home a ship!!!! 

Bold predictions: Istorico to hit 10 wins
Expectations: Scotty over 10 HRS, Matt beats previous year of 4 HRS 

#4 Pirates- Daly, Maniscalco, Kenny, Weiner, Caulfield
#1- Dakota Kenny- Not an ACE anymore? Look out 2-3 3.00 ERA
#2 Weiner- Been on his team for three seasons, kid can toss!!!! Arm issues come into play but on a team of pitchers wont be a problem 6-1 0.70 ERA
#3-Daly- A long time pitcher needed to be surrounded by the right people and practice in off season due to Pirates new training facilities Bob Daly looks back to his White Sox days. 
#4-Caulfield- The minor league Cy Young and has the stuff for to bigs but is in dire need of motivation. Good thing he has 4 older brothers to look up to now.
Overall majority of team have always been brothers and know how to play with each other. Now lets throw in some big arms. I expect big things from this team and a whole lot of excitement before-during-after their games. Look out the pirates have returned and we're here to take your alcohol/ bitches/ daughters/Gran Daughters/ wives/Aunts/ Sisters and your gold!!!!! 

Bold predictions: Pirates to beat Dodgers in Championship in 3 games
Expectations: Daly to throw shoes. Kenny to have a three no-hitters against D-Bags, Maniscalco to have 0 buttons by playoffs, weiner to pitch 8 games.

#3 Giants- McElrath, McElrath, Fisher, Bush, TJ Hannon
#1- Ryan McElrath- 11-2 with ERA 0.48 . Put on one of the most insane years I’ve seen in my career. Winning every award at the Award Show and everyone agreed. Congrats on last year. 
#2-Bush- will this hairy bush show?

This team is the McElrath show. Even though Ryan wins 12 games they will still end up in the 3rd seed because Bush shows up 10 weeks and pitches 5 games and wins only 3. My boy Timbo needs to step up the bat if this team wants any hopes in playoffs and I'd really hate to see Ryan pitch seven games in post season and ruin his arm. 

Team end year 15-7
Bold predictions: Bush shows up
Expectations: TIMBO bounce back year

#2 Padres- Robles, Ryan, K-Von, Anezoulakis
#1- K-Von- 7-1 with a 0.59 ERA. Snake like balls and snake like pitching
#2 Jordan- 4-5 with a 0.62 ERA …… That’s fucked up!!!! 
These 2 battle it out for most electric stuff and is the deadliest one two punch in the league.
Team is at two only because of their pitching. Jordan's record alone shows that. How the fuck can u throw a 0.65 ERA and lose 5 games? Ill tell you. Your best hitter Jordan BA .227 8Hr .399 OBP. K-VON BA .262 4 HR .392 OBP. Sean Ryan's BA .174 4 HRS .276 OBP. The team's average is decent only because they don’t have to play themselves. This team next year will be in rude awakening when we go to 4 man line up but for now walk-off fashion is this teams middle name. Hopefully Nick Anez gets to make a name for himself.

Bold predictions: K-VON wins Cy-young 
Expectations: Jordan has more wins than L’s

#1 Dodgers- Costa, Wiffman, Trenary, Muschinsky, Bevelacqua
#1- Costa- LIVE!!!! 9-4 with 1.11 ERA stud muffin 
#2- Trenary- ZEUS!!!!! Enough said …. 6-2 1.91 ERA 
May be the sexxiest 1-2 punch in any league in the world!!!!!!!
I am truly a fan of this team and still wear my dodgers jersey to sleep hoping I never play this team but watch from the bushes with a bottle of lube. If this team wasn’t great already lets not add my long time teammate and wiff Brother BO Odin son. With the experience and OBP this guy may break the runs scored record this year. Not to mention the Dodger Fan base just got a bit more noisier (shout out to Danny). A line up of Wiffman (used to hate saying that, .344 only 5 HR WTF Rob .423 OBP) Johnny Wiffs (.245 8 HR .350 OBP)….. Tim Trenary BA .144 1 HR .299  OBP (WTF TIM didn’t know those were your numbers I smell comeback player of the year) and Bo .253 2 HRS.374 OBP!!!


Any pitcher in this league would be happy to have this line up and it just so happens these pitchers are nasty to boot!! Brett Love what you’re doing to this team and says a lot about your character. Vote for pre-cum Owner of the year!!

19-3….. 2 L’s due to a sweep from the Pirates due to roofies on Saturday night before game day.  
Bold Predictions: BO will end the year highest OBP and highest average on this team
Expectations: All dodgers will receive handys before every game 


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