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January 26, 2018

The stats can be a little deceiving and there are intangibles that don’t show up in the box score.


Each year there are players who have attendance issues or join the league late. Some hit in a four or five man lineup while others hit in a three man lineup. Hitting in a three man lineup won't necessarily assure you of more plate appearances and cumulative stats but your batting avg. is a good source of information as far as how consistent you a player is.


The cumulative stats very useful but just how likely is it that you will do something productive in any given plate appearance.  


I put together something in an effort to answer that. I awarded 1 point for a walk, RBI and hit. I also awarded 1 additional point for a double, 2 additional for triples and 3 additional for home runs. I didn’t award points for runs. Although runs wins games, it is dependent upon the hitter behind you. A guy who walks 40 times on a good team could score 20 runs. You put that same player on a bad team and he could only score 4 runs.


After compiling those stats I added walks and AB to get a players (plate appearances). Then divided the total points by the players plate appearance to get the likelihood that the player will score a point per plate appearance.


I also factored in 3.1 plate appearances per/game (3.1 x 22 = 68.2 plate appearances to be eligible).


Here are the top 20 (or rather 21) players who are likely to have a productive plate appearance;


   Player                             points/plate appearance

  1. Anthony Didio                .91

  2. Scott Fliesser                 .86

  3. Ryan McElrath               .84

  4. Ty Wegerzn                   .83

  5. Johnny Costa                .76

  6. Rich Guillod                   .75

  7. Joey Maniscalco           .75

  8. Phil Fresiello                  .74

  9. Jordan Robles               .73

  10. Rob Piervinanzi              .69

  11. Devin Torres                  .68

  12. Mike Weiner                   .65

  13. Gerard Fitzgerald          .64

  14. K-Von                             .61

  15. Kris Morse                      .61

  16. Eric Lanks                      .59

  17. Nick Martinez                 .58

  18. Tim McElrath                  .53

  19. Jimmy Cole                    .53

  20. John Istorico                  .52

  21. Bo Muschinsky              .52


The following is a list of toughest to strikeout in 2017 season. Some names your not surprised at and some you will be. Sean Ryan had the most batting strikeouts for he 2017 season but he also had the most at bats. A better reading would be to factor in strikeouts per plate appearance to see who the hardest to strikeout was in 2017.



   Player                             K/plate appearance

  1. Rob Piervinanzi            4.58

  2. Ty Wegerzn                  3.54

  3. Bobby Daly                  2.80

  4. Jordan Robles             2.78

  5. Eric Lanks                    2.60

  6. Steven Gitlitz                2.46

  7. Anthony Didio              2.43

  8. Rob Longiaru               2.40

  9. John Petty                    2.39

  10. Bo Muschinsky            2.30

  11. Anthony Bevilacqua    2.27

  12. Scott Fliesser               2.27

  13. Gerard Fitzgerald        2.27

  14. K-Von                           2.25

  15. Rich Guillod                 2.24

  16. Matt Fliesser                2.23

  17. Ryan McElrath             2.23

  18. Eddie Martinez            2.21

  19. Devin Torres                2.20

  20. Jimmy Cole                  2.16

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