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Rumor Mill-Mid December

December 12, 2017

Astros- Daly, Lanks, Santana, McRae, Kenny

The Astros have been contacted by multiple team trying to pry the 1st overall pick of the 2018 season from them. They have been standing strong however and have not budged. The Astros have been putting it out there that they are leaning towards drafting Mike Weiner with the 1st overall pick. Mike is one of the more dominate throwers in the league and has a Cy Young awards on his resume however, Mike has reported that he may not throw much (if at all) in 2018. Weiner was hoping to catch on with a team where he would not be depended on to pitch during the season. Will the Astros fully benefit by drafting Weiner just for his bat or will his arm improve enough during the season and that along with a playoff run entice him to throw some innings/games down the stretch. Things can change some over the next two weeks before the opt out deadline but Mike Weiner looks to be the most valuable on the board at the moment. 


Brewers- Paraskevas, Gallo, Petrone, Gallo, Fitzgerald

Brewers manager Jason Paraskevas has been waiving his checkbook around and making it public that he is willing to pay one more guy to make a playoff run this year. There are some incentives to be had with a contract for the 2018 Brewers. Maybe an upstate or out of state player will jump on the offer to cover gas and tolls. 


Cardinals- Morse, Longiaru, Cole, Polly, Meador, Norris.

There may be something happening in Cardinals camp regarding their current roster/# 3 overall draft pick. The rights to Kevin Norris has been questioned by several managers in the league. Seems Norris may not have played enough games to be a permanent member of the Cardinals roster. If Cardinals manager Kris Morse wants to keep him he may be forced to use the 3rd overall pick of the 2018 draft to keep him. Kevin Norris is no doubt worth the pick but Morse has a history of bringing in new talent to the league and no doubt had plans with the pick. If it’s decided that Morse must give up one or the other is it enough to upset Morse and have him step down as manager this year? Even without the pick, if Norris plays to his potential the team has enough firepower to compete. Nothing is a given however in the Palisades. With tough pitching match ups each week even some of the best pitchers in the league may end up with losing records. 

Here is a list of dominate pitchers who had sub .500 records in 2017 (Matt Fliesser 1.24 ERA, Jordan Robles 0.62 ERA, Devin Torres 1.07 ERA, Dakota Kenny 1.69 ERA, Jimmy Cole 2.76 ERA, Ryan Petrone 2.50 ERA, Frank Kollias 1.94 ERA) 


Mariners- Fliesser, Fliesser, Istorico, Gitlitz

Manager Scott Fliesser has been flaunting his two 1st round 2018 draft picks and trying to entice players to opt out like a sailor at a whorehouse with a pocket full of money. Fact is that they have quite a team now and the addition of at least one impact player would put them in the elite of the League. The pesky Astros have the 1st pick however and can block anyone opting out hoping to go to the Mariners. (see Mike Weiner) 


Royals- Martinez, Martinez, Avallone, Gonzalez, Kollias, A-Bev. (Angel Martinez 7th player) 

Royals are hoping there are 4 talented players available in the 2018 draft. That would mean one will drop to them at pick # 4. Oliver Avallone has reported he is staying with the Royals. A young arm to complement Avallone and take wear and tear off the aging arms of Anthony Bevilacqua and Frank Kollias would be a nice option. An everyday impact bat would work just as well. 


Yankees- Tyler, Muschinsky, Maniscalco, Whitener

What’s going on in Yankee town? Weiner has opted out and there are rumors that one or maybe even two more players may do the same. There is a list of unanswered question which may be sorted out by December 30th. Are Bo Muschinsky's days as the manager of the Yankees numbered? Will he step down and join the draft? Will Maniscalco choose free agency and if he does is he guaranteed the team he is hoping for? Will Greg Tyler be the last standing everyday Yankee and take over as manager? 


Expos- T-Weg, Didio, Petty

Speaking of uncertainty here we have the Expos. Anthony Dido may be on permanent vacation away from New York. Didio was the glue which kept the Expos together. Even when players on the roster decided not to play in 2017, Didio was able to not only bring players into the league but make moves to obtain the draft picks to draft them. Without Didio there may be no one on the roster willing to take the time and effort to do such things. The Expos are the equivalent of an expensive yacht drifting in the ocean without power. This yacht has all the bells and whistles but without a captain or someone willing to stand in as a full-time captain to steer it to safety, it may just keep on sailing into the sunset. 


D-Backs- Stengel, Guillod, Torres, Torres

What’s to say. Roster is tight. Will be a final 4 team in 2018. 


Giants- McElrath, McElrath, Fresiello, Fisher, Stant

Health has been the only thing to stop the Giants from being top 4 each year. If they are healthy they will again make a run at a chip. 


Padres- Robles, Ryan, K-Von

Padres just missed the train en route to the chip last year. They are determined to give it another try as is. 


Dodgers- Costa, Wiffman, Trenary, Bevelacqua 


15-7 record. If the roster stays intact one would think another great season is on the horizon. (IF) the roster stays intact. Brett will no doubt be on the phone non-stop till a deal gets worked out should a player decide he needs a change of scenery. 



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