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November 3, 2017


With the 2017 Palisades wiffle ball season in the books, there are two things a wiffleball manager can do. You can bask in your 2017 wiffleball accomplishments or prepare for the 2018 season. Personally, I’m preparing for the 2018 season and here’s the reason why; There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what the fuck just happened.” Avoid being the latter. 

Any player can try free agency this year but it’s a gamble for most players. There is no guarantee which team they will end up with. They could leave a winning team and join a rebuilding team and may miss the playoffs. Some players may also wait to see how many other stars opt out, the more stars that opt out the better the chance free agents can end up on a team who had a winning 2017 record. 


2018 draft:

1- Astros

2- Mariners 

3- Cardinals 

4- Royals -  

5- Mariners

6- Brewers

7- Yankees

8- Padres

9 -dodgers 


11- Brewers



(1st and 10th pick of draft)

The Astros had an off season plan in place that went to shit when Gerard Fitzgerald accepted a trade from the Royals to the Brewers. Gerard had been in talks with the Astros to return to their team after he opted out but that was only part of their 2018 plan. The Astros had another player in mind which would require them to trade for or obtain another high draft pick. In the mist of them trying to obtain the second part Gerard found a sweeter deal. 

The Astros still do have the 1st pick of the 2018 draft in a season where any player can opt out. As we get closer to the December 30th deadline to declare free agency, I anticipate that there will be players making announcements.    

B. Daly- Owner , S. McRae, D. Kenny , N. Santana , E. Lanks, 7th player (B. DiNapoli???)



(2nd and 5th pick of draft)

Owners of the second pick of the 2018 draft (obtained from Brewers last year) The Mariners just missed the playoffs last year after a very slow start. There is a good bet that the Mariners will have someone of value to add to their roster with the (2nd pick) of the draft. As if that is not enough, they also own the 5th pick of the draft (which has been designated to them by virtue of missing the playoff last year). I don’t think they really need both but at the moment may be just waiting to see if any stars opt out or to see what incoming 2018 talent joins the Palisades WBL. 

S. Fliesser- Owner, J. Istorico, C. Criscuolo, M. Fliesser, S. Gitlitz



(3rd pick of the draft) 

The Cardinals are known for bringing in new talent into the league from year to year and drafting them. They are also known for trading their picks if they are not targeting a particular person. There have been deliberations regarding whether the Cardinals are allowed to keep Kevin Norris on their roster for the upcoming year. Norris was drafted as a free agent during the season last year and put on the roster as a replacement for Jimmy Cole, who did not make many games down the stretch. As of now the decision seems to be that Norris is on the roster. The Cardinals were one of the hard luck teams of last year, losing a bunch of  total base, 1 run games and falling back in the standings to begin the year. They also got burnt with the limited availability of Tom Polly who they drafted early in the 1st round last year. The roster is not settled yet  with the availability of Tom Polly and Jimmy Cole unknown for the 2018 season. 

K. Morse- Owner, J. Cole, R. Longiaru, T. Polly, K. Norris , C. Meador ?



(4th pick of the draft)

The Royals were able to address two issues at once with the trade of Gerard Fitzgerald. They obtained a player in return for Gerard who was thinking of opting out and they also moved up two slots to the 4th pick of the 2018 draft. With Oliver Avallone coming back to anchor the staff and the addition of A. Bevilacqua the Royals are in a good position.  We have to see what the 4th pick will bring. Last year the Royals had Ryan Petrone (a young live arm who is not known for his hitting) in the #2 rotation spot, in 2018 the Royals have A. Bevilacqua, a proven Palisades clutch player on both sides of the ball. 

E. Martinez- Owner, A. Bevilacqua (updated 10/18), O. Avallone, F. Gonzalez, N. Martinez, 7th player (A. Martinez)



(6th pick of the draft)

The Brewers now have the 6th pick of the upcoming draft which they obtained along with Gerard Fitzgerald. Jason Paraskevas is on the market for another arm which he is hoping to acquire with the 6th pick of the draft. We have to see just how deep the draft will be.  Jason swears that the acquisition of Gerard Fitzgerald and the continued of improvement of fire baller Ryan Petrone are enough to competed for a playoff spot in 2018. It’s a lot of pressure to put on Petrone however, asking him to compete against the other aces in the league. He needs someone to take pressure off him in the rotation. J. Paraskevas- Owner, J. Gallo, N. Gallo, G. Fitzgerald, R. Petrone



(7th pick of the draft) 

Manager Bo Muschinsky has a demanding work schedule which keeps him out of the chat rooms even “during” the season. Someone may want to send him a post card to let him know that Mike Weiner has opted out. Weiner declared himself a free agent but also announced that he has been suffering from shoulder pain and his pitching availability for the 2018 season is doubtful. If Daniel Whitener can make more than 6 games the Yankees can once again ride him when he shows. Last year he had 6 games played and 5 games started which means it likely he is pitching twice the weeks he comes. If he makes 5 weeks he could conceivably pitch 10 games which would tally up fulltime starting pitcher innings. There was talk that Muschinsky was considering stepping down as manager and possibly play a utility role next year. With the possibility of anyone opting out the Yankees are real close to panic mode, should another player try free agency. 

B. Muschinsky- Owner, J. Maniscalco, G. Tyler, D. Whitener



(8th pick of draft) 

The Padres have been quiet and have announced that they are likely returning at full strength next year. Anything is possible however, last year Kyle Vonschleusingen traded Wiffman for the 1st overall pick at the free agent deadline which he used to draft Jordan Robles. 

K. Vonschleusingen- Owner, J. Robles, S. Ryan, E. Ruiz ?



Owner of a 15-7 record last year. There is no reason to think they can’t match that record in 2018. With all players eligible for free agency the league is watching closely in case a Dodgers player needs a change of scenery. At the moment however the team is holding strong. 

B. Bevelacqua- Owner, J. Costa, T. Trenary, R. Piervinanzi


No 2018 first round pick:



The D-Backs came as close as you can get to winning it all. As of now it appears that they are returning at full strength. The team will claim a playoff spot in 2018, its always a question of how far they can get in the playoffs. You have to wonder if something is missing or if Rich Guillod’s absence in the championship game is what stopped them from claiming their goal. The D-Backs don’t have a pick in the 1st round, that pick was traded in the deal which landed them Rich Guillod in 2016.

G. Torres- Owner, D. Torres, K. Stengel, R. Guillod



The Expos don’t have a 1st round pick in 2018. They traded that pick to the Royals in the Ryan Bush deal, which eventually brought them a championship in 2016. There have been rumors that Anthony Didio may have big attendance issues in 2018. This is a team who already had Ryan Bush and Kenny Rodgers as no shows for the 2017 season. They may be in rebuilding mode. Last I heard they were looking to obtain a player who was willing to be co-manager with Anthony Didio. If Tyler Wegerzn and John Petty committed to coming every week, the Expos will still compete. They just have to get a 3rd player to the field. 

A. DiDio- Owner, K. Rodgers?, Jr., R. Bush?, T. Wegerzn, J. Petty



The Giants have been poking around trying to obtain a pick via trade. There must be someone they have in mind. The Giants will actually be stronger than they were last year if both Mcelraths are able to pitch for the season. As long as the twins are playing together they just need one more guy. Phil Fresiello and Dave Fisher complemented them very well last year taking turns having big games.  The Giants are fine without a 2018 1st round pick. 

R. McElrath- Owner, T. McElrath, P. Fresiello, D. Fisher, B. Stant



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