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September 1, 2017



DODGERS (15-5)

W11 opponent, Giants

The Dodgers won the Pennant WEEK TEN. They have the first round bye.


Before we get to the rest of the postseason possibilities there are a few things that we need to go over. First the tie-breakers, 


1. Head-to-head, if there is no head-to-head advantage the tie-breaker will be, 

2. Runs allowed, if there is a tie, 

3. Runs scored, if there is a tie, 

4. A play in game the morning of Round One of the postseason will be scheduled. 


That's fairly simple but there is a catch and the catch is rule 22.03,

In circumstances where three or more teams finish the season with the same record head-to-head will not be used unless one team has a head-to-head advantage against all teams with same record.



GIANTS (12-8)

W11 opponent, Dodgers.

A WEEK ELEVEN sweep will probably lock up the #2 seed for the Giants. With the least runs allowed in the league(16), a win will get them in and could even secure the bye but they would need a lot of help. The Giants could miss the playoffs if swept but for that to happen the D-Backs and Expos would need to split their games, the Yankees would need to sweep the Astros and the Royals would need to sweep the Padres. They would also need to allow five or more runs than the Padres allow WEEK ELEVEN. 





PADRES (12-8)

W11 opponent, Royals.

If the Padres sweep the Royals they have a shot at the #2 seed and first round bye but they would need the Giants to either lose a game or give up at least five more runs than the Padres. A win would get them in and would only secure the bye if they don't get blown out in their loss and the Giants, D-Backs and Expos lose at least one game. If the Padres get swept by the Royals they would most likely miss the playoffs.





W11 opponent Cards/Expos.

A sweep could get the Diamondbacks the #2 seed but they would need the Giants and Padres to lose at least one game or give up a bunch of runs. A win would get them in but the bye will be hard to come by. If swept they would need either the Yankees or the Royals to split to get in.




EXPOS (12-8)

W11 opponent Cards/D-Backs.

The Expos can pick up the bye with a WEEK ELEVEN SWEEP if the Giants and Padres do no better than splits. A win may or may not get them in as it will come down to runs allowed. If they get swept they can get in as long as the only other 12-10 teams are the Yankees and Royals.





YANKEES (11-9)

W11 opponent Astros.

If the Giants get swept, the Mariners split and the Padres, D-Backs and Expos win at least one game the Yankees will just need a win to get in. More likely than not it will take a sweep of the Astros. Then if the Royals also sweep it will come down to runs allowed in which the Yankees have a three run advantage. 






ROYALS (11-9)

W11 opponent Padres.

The Royals could get in with just a win WEEK ELEVEN but it is so far fetched it isn't worth writing about. Their best chance is to sweep the Padres. That's it, a sweep and the Royals are going to the postseason.









MARINERS (10-10)

W11 opponent Brewers.

The Mariners have one way into the playoffs. First they need to sweep the Brewers. They will also need the Royals to do no better than a split with the Padres and for the Yankees to do no better than a split with the Astros. They will also need the Giants and D-Backs to win at least one game. If that wasn't enough they can't allow more runs than the Expos or Yankees WEEK ELEVEN.






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