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July 31, 2017


Power Rankings: The top 3 teams lost a game last week. 


The Padres (10-4) lost to the now (4-10) Brewers and Ryan Petrone earned his first big league win. 


The Dodgers (11-3) lost to the Yankees (7-7). In this matchup the pitching of Greg Tyler (2-4) and hitting of Bo Muschinsky handed Johnny Costa his first loss of the season (7-1) 


The Expos lost two games to the Giants putting both teams at (9-5). 


That just goes to show you that the competition level in the league. 


Cream of the crop: 


1- Dodgers (11-3) – A loss to the Yankees this week showed that the Dodges are mortal. The Dodgers went from beating possibly the best pitcher in the league (Mike Weiner) to losing to a pitcher who went into the game with a losing record. With 8 games left it’s hard to imagine anything less than a 15-7 record by seasons end but they better be careful, the Diamondbacks and Giants are right on their tail and each have two games remaining against them. (remaining schedule; Royals, D-Backs, Astros (1), Brewers(1), Giants)

2- Diamondbacks (9-5): This will be the week that the Diamondbacks kick it into second gear. They have a matchup vs the Padres and are good enough to take 2 games from them. A sweep here of the Padres will knock the Padres off their pedestal down to the rest of the pack and very possibly crown the Diamondbacks as favorite to claim a first round bye. The Diamondbacks are always one of the top teams, they have a rested Devon Torres and are primed to deliver a knockout punch and send the Padres spiraling out of the bye. The difference will be the D-Backs hitting.

(Remaining schedule ;), Padres (2), Dodgers (2), Giants (2), cards (1), Expos (1).


Fighting for 1st round bye: I knew there was a chance the standings could get messy, I just didn’t think it would happen this quick. We now have a three way tie for 3-5th place with teams one or two wins away from a first round bye.

3- Padres – (10-4)    The Padres will be in the playoffs, it’s the first round bye I’m not so sure about anymore. They have key match ups against the D-Backs, Giants and Expos and I do not believe they can out hit those teams. Jordan Robles and Kyle Vonschleusingen are two of the top pitchers in the league but I think they will lose some total base games. (Remaining schedule; D-Backs (2), Giants (1), Royals (3), Expos (2)0

4- Giants (9-5) – The Giants started off the 2nd half of the season with a bang, taking two games from the Expos and establishing themselves as a top tier team. The road remains a rough one, after the Cardinals this week they face four teams who are either fighting for a playoff spot or a bye. Ryan McElrath had his superman cape on this past week on the carpet holding the hard hitting Expos to hitless. Dave Fisher had himself a game on the carpet as well, allowing just a hit to an Expos team which is leading the league in hitting. Fisher and Tim McElrath had the big hits. Last week was a full team effort. 

(Remaining schedule; Cards (2), Padres (1), Royals (1), D-Backs (2), Dodgers (2)). 


5- Expos (9-5) – The Expos look to regroup after losing two tough games to the Giants. Their remaining schedule is a tough one. The Expos are close to losing their grip as one of the teams to beat in 2017. They are one bad series away from dropping to the middle of the pack. The standings are getting tight and this is not the time to get into a slump. Week 8 matches up an Expos team who are looking to redeem themselves after two losses vs the Yankees and the Mariners who are both looking to make a push into the playoffs. Two great match ups. 

(Remaining schedule; Yankees (1), Mariners (1), Cards (3), Padres (2), Dbacks (1)


Only 1 playoff spot left for these folks:

6- Yankees (7-7) –The schedule got complicated for the Yankees this week because the Mariners are on a roll and are trying to make a push. Game two has the Yankees playing the Expos. It’s a crucial week for the Yankees, who are fighting for the last playoff spot. On another note they are fresh off their win vs the 1st place Dodgers and maybe it will carry over.  (Remaining schedule; Mariners (1), Expos (1), Brewers (2), Royals (2), Astros (2).

7- Mariners (5-9) – The Mariners are coming off two wins and as fate would turn out, will play the team in front of them in the standings (the Yankees) this week. It will be a perfect opportunity for the Mariners to move up another slot in the standings. Game 2 this week has the Mariners playing the Expos. It’s a tough and tale telling week for the Mariners. After this week they are scheduled to play the bottom three teams in the standings the remainder of the year. The Mariners beat the Yankees back in week 1. (remaining schedule;, Yankees (1), Expos (1), Astros (2), Cardinals(2), Brewers (2))


8- Royals (7-7) –This week the Royals will have Avallone, Fitzgerald and Freddy Gonzalez in the lineup together for the first time since acquiring Fitzgerald. The Royals will have to earn their way into the playoffs, facing all playoff bound teams the remainder of the season. ; Remaining schedule: Dodgers (2), Giants (1) , Yankees (2), Padres (3)


Playing for fun: 


9- Brewers (4-10) The Brewers are fresh off their win of the (10-4) Padres. They face the Astros (2-12) for two games next and could be looking at respectable 6-10 record with 6 games left in the season. The Mariners and Royals better remind the Brewers they are in rebuilding mode because the Brewers are on fixing to pass them in the standings soon. (Remaining schedule; Astros, (3), Yankees (2), Dodgers (1), Mariners (2). 



10- Cardinals (4-10) –The Cardinals can’t get a break. There is word around the league that Jimmy Cole will have big attendance issues the remainder of the season. The good news is that it looks like Kevin Norris has been added to the Cardinals roster. Norris is a player who is coming with a reputation of being the impact player Tyler Wegerzn is. (.364 Avg, 7 HR, 2.97 ERA). It may be too late however for the Cardinals to make a run. They may possibly have the hardest remaining schedule the remainder of the season.  (Giants (2), Expos (2), Mariners (2)  Expos (1), D-Backs (1)). 


Rebuilding mode:


11- Astros (2-12) –The Astros lost two close games this past week. A 2-0 loss to the D-Backs and a 1-0 loss to the Cardinals. Bobby Daly has been stringing together some quality outings on the carpet.  (remaining schedule;, Brewers/Brewers, Mariners/Mariners, Dodgers/Brewers, Yankees/Yankees)



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