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June 27, 2017

Maniscalco blasts solo shot as Yankees take down D-Backs

The 5-5 Yankees Mike Wiener (4-0) took on a hard hitting 3 man D-Back line up consisting of Devin Torres, Rich Guillod, and Kenny Stengel. At 6-4 they threw ace pitcher Devin Torres (1-1) in what would be the Palisades Game of the Week. If you guessed a pitchers duel you would be right. Both pitchers combined in 19 strike outs, 2 walks, 5 hits in five innings. Both pitchers settled in early and mowed down opposing batters until the bottom of the forth inning when Devin Torres would face a struggling Joey Maniscalco. Maniscalco would work into a 3-2 count and crushed a 3rd consecutive cutter that landed in the left field bleachers into the hands of visiting 3 time world champ Pete Montanez, holding a sign "hit it here free lap dances for life". Maybe that's all Maniscalco needs is a little past motivation to turn his year around. That's all Mike Weiner would need as he entered and ended the fifth in 1-2-3 fashion. Mike Weiner in 5 innings is no match for any line up. Weiner is pleading his case for a consecutive Cy Young Award and if you asked anyone in the league to vote now it may be a hands down contest. Yankees and D-Backs head to 6-5 and may be a crucial win for playoff seeding in the future.

T-Weg drives in 10 as Expos crush Astros

After a half and hour rain delay at the start of the game Gerard Fitzgerald took the mound to open the series. After giving up a hit and 2 walks Gerard would get 2 FO and a strike out to get out of the inning. That would be the lone bright spot for Fitzgerald cause next inning John Petty with 2 guys on would take a high change up deep to right center for a 3-0 expos lead. 3run HR were the expos specialty in this game as Ty would add 2 3run HR and he collected 3HR and 10RBI off Gerard as the expos win 13-0.


Didio with 4 HRs and 9 RBI as Expos sweep Astros

Game 2 sent Anthony DiDio to the carpet against bobby daly, and Ty would get things going quickly with a lead off HR and the expos never looked back. This time it was Anthony DiDio breaking out, hitting 4 HR and having 9 RBIs in the 2nd inning. Ty would add 1 more HR giving him 5 HR and 13 RBI on the day. Sean McRae would add a 2 Run HR but it wasn't enough as the expos would hit 10 HR on the day in route to a 12-2 win over the Astros.


R. McElrath 2 HRs 6 RBI, Giants stun Mariners

The rain started falling at game time for game 1 of the Giants and Mariners double header. While warming up, Ryan McElrath and Matt Fliesser both agreed the teams would battle through the rain.  In the top of the 1st McElrath would walk the first batter but strike out the next 3 to get out of the half inning. John Istorico would then take the mound for the Mariners. He also walked the lead off man but retired the next 3. In the Top of the 2nd, Istorico was wild. Walking in a run giving the Giants a 1-0 lead. In the 3rd things would only worsen for Istorico. With 2 men on Ryan McElrath blasted a 3 run shot, his first of many on the day. In his following at bat with 2 men on, McElrath would again deliver a no doubt 3 run shot, giving the Giants a 7-0 lead. That was all McElrath needed, keeping the Mariners to 2 hits and winning the game 7-0.


R. McElrath does it again with 2 HRs and 5 RBI

For game 2 of the double header, the Mariners would send Matt Fliesser to the mound. The Giants went with their number 2 Dave Fisher. The game was scoreless until the top of the 3rd when Ryan McElrath stepped to the plate with 2 men on and deliver a 2 run home run. McElrath still wasn't done. Again in his following at bat he crushed a no doubt 3 run home run. His 4th on the day. Phil Fresiello would follow with a solo shot of his own giving the Giants a 6-0 lead. That was all Fisher would need allowing a 5th inning solo shot to Matt Fliesser but securing the 6-1 win over the Mariners.

Royals squeak by Dodgers on bases in six innings

Game one for the Royals was against the Dodgers, who were missing Johnny Costa and Rob Pierzinanzi. Tim Trenary had pitched the game before so the Dodgers were forced to use minor league call up Mike Quezeda. The plan for the Royals was to use Olilver Avallone (Ollie) until they got a lead to limit his inning however the lead never happened. Quezeda gave his best (Mark Buehlrle) impression and held the Royals to no runs. He scattered 5 hits over 6 innings and only walked 1 batter. Fortunately for the Royals, Ollie although having some control issues, pitched 6 shutout innings of his own and (did not) give up a hit. Ollie ended the game with 17 k’s in 6 shutout innings. The game ended tied in score AND total bases however the Royals win due to them having 5 hits to the Dodgers 0. 


Avallone holds Brewers to a hit win on total bases in six innings

Game two had the Royals playing the Brewers fresh off these same two teams making a Ryan Petrone trade for a (2018) 1st round draft pick. Ryan Petrone was no doubt pumped for the game and got the nod on the carpet against his former team. He was seen pacing back and forth before the game in anticipation of his chance to show the Royals they made a mistake in trading him. Ryan did just that in pitching a shutout of his own over 6 innings. Ryan benefited from some slick fielding from Nick Gallo (two diving playing on ground balls for outs) and Anthony Bevilacqua (who ran down a towering fly ball in CF and made an over the shoulder catch) while en route to only giving up two hits but Oliver Avallone put the Royals on his back once again this time striking out 16 Brewers and only giving up 1 hit in a Royals total base 0-0 win, foiling Ryan Petrone’s bid to stick it to the Royals. 


Brewers slip by Dodgers by way of the walk

Brett and Jay are no Strangers to a good old fashioned Grudge match, and with the Dodgers Franchise sitting pretty at 99 all time wins, fate had it played perfectly to where the 2-8 Brewers would face the 8-0 Dodgers who were short two of their stars.  

The Brewers would start their crafty ace Anthony Bevilaqua against the mighty Tim Trenary.  Both came out hot rolling zeroes for the first few frames.  In the top of the third A-Bev saw something in Trenary and tipped off the Brewers at the start of the fourth, with a team wide red light, Trenary lost the zone and between 3 walks and ball to the face of Nick Gallo, the Brewers plated a lone run in the top of the 4th. That would be all that A-Bev would need as he shut down the Dodgers in the 4th and 5th to end the Dodgers run at a perfect season. 



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