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DK To The Royals

June 16, 2017


As we approach the mid-way point of the Palisades WBL season there will be buyers and there will be sellers. The Brewers are starting to look like sellers. With Dakota Kenny's (DK) availability up in the air due to his work schedule and the Brewers currently sitting on a 2-8 record, manager Jason Paraskevas decided that it's better to invest in the future rather than the present. 


The Royals on the other hand got a taste of the thrill of victory and believe they are a pitcher away from being able to secure a playoff spot. The Royals are coming off two losses to the Expos and manager Bumpy is on the verge of panic and wants to stop the bleeding while he still can. 


In return for DK the Brewers obtain the Royals 2018 1st round pick. They also acquired rookie Ben Stant in the deal but has not been able to make his Palisades debut as of yet. His first attempt was rained out two weeks ago. Stant could be a shot in the arm for the Brewers should he be able to make some weeks. 


The Brewers are banking on a big pool of players being available in next year's draft. Good use of draft picks is exactly how Dodgers and Padres have been able to improve over last year. The Dodgers sent the first overall pick to the Padres for Rob Piervinanzi and the Padres used the pick to draft Jordan Robles. 


The Royals feel that DK is just enough to make a legitimate push for a playoff spot this year. In DK the Royals are getting a Palisades WBL veteran with 263 career innings, a lifetime ERA of 2.20. and .293 batting Avg.  DK has bounced around a little the last few years, from the Pirates and Marlins in 2013, followed by the Dodgers, Expos, D-Backs, Brewers and now Royals.

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