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May 10, 2017

Cream of the crop:


1- Diamondbacks (3-1): Not only can the D-Backs play some Wiffle but they manage the game better than anyone in the league. They rest their starters, out think their opponents and make great in game decisions. The league’s biggest fear is coming to light, Rich Guillod (.368 4 HR) looks healthy and he has jumped on the express D train to the chip.  They are the team to beat this year. Week three brings in the Royals, that means bad news for the Royals.


2- Dodgers (4-0) –The Dodgers are steamrolling their opponents and I’m starting to think they may be the only team that can slow down the D-Backs. At 4-0 they face the struggling Cardinals and Astros. 6-0 is not farfetched.  


3- Padres – (3-1) With two home runs this past week, Kyle Vonschleusingen (K-Von) is putting the league on notice that he ready to step up and make some major offensive contributions this year. Sean Ryan, who is known as a dominate pitcher rather than for his bat, is off to a (.276) start with 8 hits on the season already (1 less than the entire Expos, Mariners and Royals team) and 5 more hits than the entire Yankees team. The Padres are getting the hits they need to go along with stellar pitching. Week three is the week they let the league know they will not relinquish the 3rd seed to the Mariners and send the Mariners home scratching their heads wondering how they are off to such a slow start.  


4- Mariners (1-3) – The Mariners are 1-3 but not to worry. Their schedule has been brutal (Jordon Robles, Garett Torres and Devin Torres) to start the season. That will be followed with (Jordon Robles and Kvon) week three. It possibly a product of a tougher schedule after making the championship last year. Should they somehow manage to start the season 2-4 or 1-5, they will still no doubt be a playoff team by years end.


5- Giants (3-1) – The Giants won two week 2 and beat the Royals and Brewers. They edged out A-Bev (Brewers) and jumped all over Ryan Petrone (Royals). Next week they get the Yankees and should be facing Mike Weiner during one of those games. It should be a great matchup and the Giants have the talent to take two and start the season 5-1. With a split they will stay the course keep their hold on a playoff spot in the standings.



On the brink of a playoff spot:


6- Expos (2-2) –Tyler Wegerzn and Anthony Didio both pitched great games week 2 vs the Yankees to even up the Expos record. The Expos edged the out the Yankees twice. The Yankees were missing Anthony Weiner but only managed 1 hit off of Ty and Didio. The Expos are off to a slow start with the bats but if their pitching continue to hold their opponents down they could steal some wins in early going until they heat up with the bats.  Week 3 brings in the Mariners, the last time these teams faced each other was in the 2016 championship game however these are two different teams, there is no Ryan Bush or Brian Dinapoli.


7- Yankees (1-3) – I mentioned before that the Yankees are a player away. Last week they played without Mike Weiner and the Yankees demonstrated just how important Weiner is to their club. Their one win this year came on a Weiner homerun and last week they managed three (3) total bases in two games against the Expos. I was down on them last year and they ended the season 14-8 so I have to imagine, with a roster that has not changed they will get it going and stack some wins together soon.


8- Royals (3-1) – In week 2, the Royals won again with Avallone on the carpet. In each of their wins there was a different person with the key at bat who won the game. The Royals will need two guys hitting at the same time if they are to beat some of the higher ranked teams in the league. Ryan Petrone did not have a great outing his first time out and it leaves the door open for Freddy Gonzalez or Ben Stant to claim the #2 spot in the rotation. The Royals will need someone to fill that role if they want ensure a playoff spot. Week 3 we get to see what the Royals are made of, they play the (3-1) D-Backs. If they can muster a split, the Royals may raise some eyebrows.


Need to get it going:


9- Astros (1-3) –Gerard Fitzgerald (G) has been holding it down on the carpet so far, you cant ask for more from him so far this year (1.67 ERA). The problem may be that they are a new team and trying to find their identity. They have a good core of talent, they just have to find out who their #1 and #2 pitchers will be. That being said, without someone stepping up and carrying the torch as a true ace pitcher, they may lose a lot of close games.  The next set of games will be against the (0-4) Cardinals and the (4-0) Dodgers. That Cardinals game will be important for both teams who need that win.


10- Cardinals (0-4) – Due to the slow start the Cards are off to, I have to rank them this low. Where I was looking from (on another field) Tom Polly looked like he had control issues in his first outing of the season. The wind did pick up some during the day and the weather conditions were not ideal. The Cardinals will have to right the ship soon. They have the Astros and Dodgers week 3. It’s got to be tough meeting the Dodgers three times within the 1st three weeks of the season because the Dodgers are on a roll right now. They do play the Astros who are equally off to a slow start to the season. The Cardinals can move up in the rankings with a win against them next week.


11- Brewers (1-3) The Brewers are ranked here at the moment but I do not think they will not be for long. Anthony Bevilacqua is slowing getting back to form and will tally up some wins on the carpet. The five man lineup is tough though. The Brewers need to get A-Bev (.429 avg.) more at bats so he can win some games with his bat. 










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