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Week 1 Predictions

April 26, 2017

12:20PM/130PM        Royals @ Cardinals   Cottage Lane 1

The new look Royals vs the new look Cardinals. Both teams made some major roster adjustments over the winter. The Royals traded the # 2 overall pick of the draft and Jimmy Cole to land an ace pitcher they desperately needed.

On the other hand, the Cardinals upgraded their hitting from last year. After ending the season 2nd to last in home runs and last in batting avg., by added the bat of Jimmy Cole. The Cardinals then used the #2 overall pick to draft Tom Polly. A little research disclosed that Tom Polly out pitched Kevin Norris and Sean Steffy in the same tournament in the past. The Cardinals replaced Avallone with a legit Ace.

Prediction: The easy prediction is a split. Avallone gets his revenge and wins a total base game vs the Cards and the veteran wiffler Jimmy Cole gets his revenge and takes rookie Ryan Petrone to school to take game 2.


12:20PM/130PM        Brewers @ Diamondbacks     Cottage Lane 2

Diamondbacks start the season with the same roster. There were no improvements that were needed to be made. The Diamondbacks only need Rich Guillod to be healthy this year and maybe that alone will be enough for them to take it all in 2017.

The new look Brewers come to town having added depth in J. Schaefer and the Gallo brothers along with a player capable of dominating with the bat and on the carpet in Anthony Bevilacqua (A. Bev.). Dakota Kenny will again be the staff ace and if A. Bev is healthy and can shake off the rust, the Brewers have the pitching to win in any week.

Prediction: Diamondback sweep. The Diamondbacks will do some fine tuning before their week 2 showdown vs the Mariners. A. Bev will need some weeks to shake off the rust after missing last year due to injury and the Diamondbacks are a tough assignment when you are not at the top of your game.


2:40PM/350PM          Dodgers @ Expos       Cottage Lane 2

My, oh my, how a season can make a difference in a team’s lineup. The returning champs (Expos) will compete in the 2017 season with a limited amount of games from Kenny Rodgers Jr. and some doubt as to whether Ryan Bush will be returning this season. The Expos landed Ty Wegerzn, an established wiffleball ace pitcher and hitter to pick up the slack. Lineups have not yet been posted as of the time of this writing so it’s unknown if Kenny Rodgers will be making week 1. When he does show they will be close to what they were last year but replacing Rodgers and Bush together will be impossible to do.

The Dodgers have filled a need by adding a bat but not just any bat, Rob (Wiffman) Piervinanzi. Wiffman along with Costa and Trenary will equal a playoff spot this year and maybe more.

Prediction: With the uncertainty of the Expos roster and the Dodgers adding a Wiffman, I predict the Dodgers get off to a 2-0 start to the season.

12:20PM                     Yankees @ Mariners  Cottage Lane 3

Great matchup here. Mike Weiner pitched 56.1 innings last year and gave up 8 hits. He did somehow lose 3 games (9-3). The mariners are good enough to beat him but you have to give Weiner the edge when he throws, you can’t bet against him.

Prediction: Yankees win - Weiner gives up a hit and no runs for the win

1:30PM/240PM          Mariners @ Padres    Cottage Lane 3

The chances of the Mariners starting the season 0-2 is very unlikely but they will possibly be facing Weiner (Yankees) followed by K-Von or Jordan Robles. Right into the fire to start the 2017 season.

Padres start the season with their 2 headed monster of Kvon and Jordon Robles. All they have to do is get into the playoffs fresh, even as a low seed and their arms will do the rest. Will they hit enough is the question. Kvon is still improving as a hitter, Robles is coming off a great hitting season and Sean Ryan is as clutch as there is with the bat. I say they do have enough hitting and make it to the chip this year.

Prediction: I just don’t see the Marines losing two games week 1. Mariners win on total bases.


2:40PM                       Padres @ Yankees      Cottage Lane 3

After Weiner there is a considerable step down in the rotation. The Yankees have two quality pitchers but they don’t stack up well against some of the leagues other # 2’s.

Prediction: Whether it’s K-Von or Jordan Robles this game, the Padres will take this one.

2:40PM/350PM          Giants @ Astros         Cottage Lane 1

The rebuilding of the Astros is coming along well it’s very tough to replace Jordan Robles if Brian DiNapoli does not show to many games. New comers Sean McRae and Frank Kollias will have their opportunity to make their mark in the Palisades WBL this year as the Astros will need them badly to carry much of the load. If the Astros can get some shutouts Gerard Fitzgerald can win some games.

The Giants took their lumps last year. First it was the injury to Sean McRae and then it was the inability for both McElrath brothers to pitch during the season. The pitching restrictions are up, the twins are on a mission. Dave Fisher will chip in and save some innings on the twins during the season.

Prediction: Giants sweep - With the Mcelrath’s on a mission and they will be dangerous this year.




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