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Dodgers/Brewers Shake Up The Draft

February 9, 2017


Though this year's draft will be nowhere near as talent-laden or extensive as last year's the Dodgers rolled the dice by sending Joe Schaefer to the Brewers for the top pick. The deal moves Schaefer and the Dodgers third pick to the Brewers in return for the first overall pick of the 2017 Palisades WBL Draft. It is a risky move for both teams but could pay dividends and makes a lot of sense for the League.


With the Dodgers theoretically one piece away from contending it is a move they hope may entice a big name from the past or outside the League to enter the draft pool. For the Brewers Schaefer can be that extra experienced arm the Brewers so desperately needed last year. Plus, Schaefer is streaky at the plate and the Brewers are a team that feds off each other successes.


If the Dodgers now followed by the Cardinals (who may also be a piece away) pump up the draft pool the Brewers may reap the rewards by getting at three what they would have had at one anyway. Follow my crazy logic... It is no secret that the potential of getting drafted by a team in rebuild mode is the number one reason why a man would play softball. There have been numerous studies to that effect, we don't need to open old wounds. Players who may have been on the fence about putting their name in the draft have a little extra incentive. The Dodgers missed the postseason by a handful of hits and their pitching staff is still largely intact. The Cardinals made it all the way to the Final Four but trading Avallone to the Royals has the roster currently short an ace pitcher.


The move is also rumored to have Tim Caulfield reconsidering moving up from the minors. Caulfield was the Brewers target all along. If he falls into their lap on Draft Night Brewers owner Jason Paraskevas will make sure to tell you that he is the best owner ever!!! Ever!


If you know where that last line comes from we appreciate that you've spent the last ten years with us.


The risks are plentiful. The Dodgers could end up having to draft a minor leaguer who needs seasoning and if that doesn't pan out they are right back to where they were at the end of 2016. For the Brewers Caulfield may be in and out of the draft before the third pick comes around. There is still a long way to go until the draft on March 26th, so anything can and will happen, however things just got a lot more interesting. 



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