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TRADE: Avallone to the Royals, Cole to the Cards

November 9, 2016

The Palisades Cardinals and Royals completed a trade which filled dire needs for both teams. The Royals sent Jimmy Cole and the 2nd overall draft pick of the 2017 draft to the Cardinals for Oliver Avallone and the 8th overall pick.

In the Royals, the team gets a much needed boost to the starting rotation. The Royals were ranked second to last in team ERA last year and have been looking for a replacement ace pitcher since Ryan Bush indicated that he was likely to opt out of his contract with the Royals at the end of the 2016 season and was subsequently traded. Oliver Avallone is a young stud pitcher who had a 7-3 record with a 1.44 ERA. He was no question one of the main reasons that the Cardinals earned a playoff spot during the season and even won in the 1st round of the playoffs. Avallone is a nice fit for the Royals, he is laid back, an intense competitor and played 17 of 22 games last year. The Royals last year had trouble getting pitchers Ryan Bush and Freddy Gonzalez to the field last year and could benefit in Avallone's week to week availability.



In the Cardinals the team gets what they lacked last year as well. A feared hitter with lots of power. Jimmy Cole started the season on the  Padres as part of a fearful one-two punch with Rob Piervinanzi (Wiffman), before he was forced to shut it down for the season due to injury. Jimmy Cole during his limited time last year showed the league that he is capable of excelling in the Palisades WBL. He ended his short season with a .303 batting avg. The added bonus in Jimmy Cole is that he is a very good pitcher as well however after elbow surgery last year, he will have to come along slowly and see how he feels as the season progresses. At the moment it is unknown if and when he will be able to pitch this season. The good news for the Cardinals is there are other options to pick up the slack in the starting rotation to fill the void with the trade of Avallone.

The second part of the deal was a swap of draft picks in the first round of the 2017 Palisades draft. The Cardinals now own the 2nd overall pick, which can very well end up being an impact player. Its the wildcard of the deal. At the moment no one has publicized their intentions of opting out of their 2017 contract. (All 2016 1st round draft picks have the option of trying the free agent waters the following year). Should a few impact players choose to opt out the Cardinals will be in a position to turn that #2 pick into stud, possibly giving them the edge in this deal.

From the Royals standpoint the 2nd overall pick was not likely to bring in someone of Avallone's pitching ability.  It would take two dominate pitches to opt out and rumors circling around the league  indicate that a few impact (hitters) may try free agency, so the Royals jumped at the opportunity to land a premier ace.

Lets see if this deal starts a domino effect of trades in the coming weeks. The Royals have three 1st round draft picks and there may be a team out there looking to rebuild or put themselves in a position to snatch up some new incoming 2017 talent into the Palisades WBL. The league is expanding each year and those draft picks may prove to be very useful.


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