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The Players' Choice Awards - 2016

November 1, 2016


Welcome to the second annual PWBL "Players' Choice Awards". Due to the warm reception that this process, and the resulting awards plaques themselves, received at the end of last season, the awards are being brought back again. As everyone knows, the Rookie of the Year Award, the Cy Young Award, and the League MVP Award are all chosen by the team owners. The Batting Champion and the Home Run Champion are mathematically determined. But what about the subjective observations that we all make each week, simply as league players, about our co-competitors around the fields at Cottage Lane? We, as Palisades players, all witness great play throughout the year, and it seems like we, the players, should have an informal way of acknowledging which players are the "best" in certain ways around the diamond. With that in mind, here are nominees for the very same categories that kicked-off last years first ever "Players' Choice Awards". The League would like to acknowledge that the voting process was a success last fall, so PLEASE be classy and make your selections only once if you are an active player, or a player/fan who has faced or witnessed these players in past years. The nominees in each category are arranged in completely random order to maintain balance.


Results will be listed once the votes are all in, probably within about the next 15 days or so. As we did last fall, the winner in each category will receive a "Players' Choice Award" plaque at Awards Night on November 26th.



1) HARDEST THROWER: Who brought the most heat, week after week?[polldaddy poll=9078782]
2) NASTIEST "STUFF": Whose individual pitches were the straight-up filthiest? [polldaddy poll=9080450]
3) BEST PITCH COMMAND: Who put their pitches right where they wanted this summer?[polldaddy poll=9080463]
4) GENERAL ACCURACY: "Zone-Pounders..."
[polldaddy poll=9080477]
5) "BIG GAME" PITCHER AWARD: Who would you want going with just one game to win?
[polldaddy poll=9080484]
6) TOUGHEST CARPET COMPETITOR: Who was the biggest pit-bull when out on the carpet this season?
[polldaddy poll=9080493]
7) MOST UNDERRATED HURLER: Whose mound skills weren't appreciated enough?
[polldaddy poll=9080498]
8) PITCHER YOU'D LEAST LIKE TO FACE: Who didn't you want to see warming up in 2016?
[polldaddy poll=9080510]



1) RAW POWER AWARD: The guy who had the most pop. Period.
[polldaddy poll=9080515]
2) BEST PURE HITTER: The Master of the Bat in 2016
[polldaddy poll=9080524]
3) MOST CLUTCH HITTER: Who came through this year... in big spots?
[polldaddy poll=9080528]
4) BEST BATTING EYE: Master of selection
[polldaddy poll=9080532]
5) MOST PATIENT HITTER: Who went deepest into pitch-counts?
[polldaddy poll=9080539]
6) TOUGHEST OUT: Like gum... on a pitcher's shoe
[polldaddy poll=9080652]
7) MOST IMPROVED HITTER: Check the stats. Who stepped it up over last season?
[polldaddy poll=9080675]
8) MOST UNDERRATED HITTER: Who raked the most... "Under the radar"
[polldaddy poll=9080707]



1) BEST RANGE: Guys who ran down wiffleballs...
[polldaddy poll=9080725]
2) MOST CONSISTENT DEFENDER: A pitcher's best friend.
[polldaddy poll=9080733]
3) SOFTEST HANDS: Cotton-Fingered Defenders...
[polldaddy poll=9080740]



1) FAIREST COMPETITOR: Who did you turn to for the "how'd you see it" call?
[polldaddy poll=9080771]
2) FUNNIEST "HOT-HEAD" AWARD: Competitors who went NUTS on the field in 2016.
[polldaddy poll=9080758]
3) BEST TEAMMATE AWARD: No agenda... no drama.
[polldaddy poll=9080776]
4) PWBL "Iron-Man" AWARD: All the players with MORE than 62x regular season games played in the past 3 years.
[polldaddy poll=9080836]

Thanks for voting for the second annual PWBL "Players' Choice Awards"!



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