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Your 2016 PWBL Victor Lavore Memorial All-Stars

October 13, 2016

In a Year that saw quite possibly the greatest influx of talent to the league since the arrival of the McElraths and Sean Ryan in 2012, there were many stand out players.  Unfortunately only the best of the best get named All Stars in the PWBL.  This isn't an everyone gets a trophy, millennial cry baby league, this is the bigs.  So without further adieu, in no particular order, here they are:

 Rob "Wiffman" Piervinanzi - Guzuntite!, what?  Never mind. Rob continued his assault on PWBL pitching to once again secure the triple crown.  He hit .386 with 16 HR and 49 RBI.

 Kenny Rodgers Jr- Junior is so Zen he knows what the pitcher is throwing before the pitcher even decides.  With a .386 ba 10 HR, 26 RBI, and a ridiculous .545 OBP, Jr makes the squad.

Brian DiNapoli- The wordsmith!!!  A guy who most have never heard speak, lets his skills do the talking both with the bat and on the carpet. A .378 7 HR 33 RBI line at the dish is enough to make the squad alone but heres where it goes full retard,  a 7-1 Record with an unbreakable record 0.00 ERA and 97 K's in 142 batters faced.  2 of every 3 batters faced were shamed by this guy.  Impressive!

Devin Torres- A guy I once called a one trick pony is anything but. With a .371 10 HR and 32 RBI line Devin was raking pitchers all over the yard, and got it done on the carpet with a 7-4 record, dealing to a 1.33 ERA with 148 K. A true all around talent.

 Jordan Robles-  Jordan was the Astros in 2016, pitching to an 8-6 record, eating up 67.1 innings striking out 150 hitters with an ERA of 1.05,  Oh and he hit 8 HR, knocked in 24 and hit .327.  On the right team he hoists the cup, on this All- Star team, he gets the start.

 John Istorico- For a guy who pre-draft said he'd maybe make 6 games, he sure did deliver. A .304 4 HR 20 RBI line doesn't tell the whole story.  There was also a 5-1 record on the carpet in a year where he was supposed to be a number 3 pitcher that saw the mound in the rarest of occasions. Before 2016 his career best ERA was 2.07, in 2016 he just about cut that in half to a 1.13 ERA.

 Mike Weiner- No one throws HARDER, or POUNDS the zone better than WEINER.  In a year that saw STIFF competition every week, he ROSE to the occasion pitching to a 9-3 record with a 0.44 ERA and 147 K's all while BANGING 9 HR's and and plating 32.  He SCORED 24 runs and hit a few ROPES to the wall for 3 doubles.

 Kyle Von Schleusingen- Try to say that 10 times fast!!!  Well Kyle's rise to prominence in the PWBL has certainly been fast. He delivered 31 hits, 3 HR and 20 RBI at the dish, all career highs, and went bonkers on the carpet winning 12 games striking out 170 and pitching to a career best 0.93 era over 75.1 innings.


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